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Upgrade your Bathroom for Winter

When upgrading your bathroom for winter there are generally 2 looks you can go for: a winter wonderland look that is based on light colours of silver and white, or a cosy cabin feel with more nature and wooden accessories.

Winter Wonderland

If you are going for a winter wonderland look, stick to a white and silver colour palette. Shades can vary but most items should be white and silver. If you are wanting to add in a bit more colour, shades of blue always go well. The main areas of the bathroom such as the walls, the floor and the cupboards could fit the white and silver, but to add colour you could switch up your towels to a light or dark shade of blue.

Add some metallic accents as decoration to the bathroom to add to the theme. This can include a shimmery wreath and tinsel. These may only stay up for the Christmas holidays but are very easy to put up and take down.

Another thing that you could add are some twinkle lights. These could be hung up along the wall or attached to the ceiling. And finally, some small frames of winter scenery or festive quotes will add that final touch to your winter wonderland bathroom.

Cosy Wooden Cabin

If you want to make the bathroom feel warmer and more natural then a cosy cabin look is the one to go for. This look is based on a warm cabin setting, so lots of wood and nature décor. There are many different little decorations you can add to the bathroom such as pinecones and faux berries to give it that cosy feeling. You can add a wooden bath tray as well as wooden cabinet doors.

Winter scented candles such as cinnamon and berries, will add that extra touch and make it feel extra cosy. You could even add a winter plant to the bathroom, such as a Christmas cactus, amaryllis or poinsettias.  

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