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Summer Bathroom Makeover

As the weather gets warmer it is time to give the bathroom a well-deserved makeover. Many of you may not have the funds to change your whole bathroom so here are a few different ways you can give your bathroom a makeover without breaking the bank.

Deep Clean

The first step in giving the bathroom a makeover is a deep clean. Mae sure that the whole bathroom, including shower, bath, toilet and sink are cleaned. Doing this will make a huge difference. You could also take the time to de-clutter the cupboards. There may be lots of different products that have been sitting there for too long that you will never end up using, so it is best to get rid.

Small Changes

Small changes can make a huge difference. Changing up the colour theme in your bathroom can give it that refreshed look. Replacing the bath math, towels and shower curtain is a simple, cheap way to give the bathroom a new look.


Another small change you can make is getting new accessories such as a new toothbrush holder and soap dispenser. These can also match colour with the new towels and bathmat to improve the overall look of the bathroom.


Why not add some plants to your bathroom? The plant you should get will depend on the size of your bathroom. If you have a large bathroom and have the space for a large plant, ivy is a beautiful plant that can change the entire feel of your bathroom. They can also help to remove mould from the air which is perfect in a humid bathroom. However, if you have a small bathroom, you will need a small plant, so you don’t clutter the little space you already have. Bamboo is a perfect little plant that can be placed on a countertop or even a windowsill.

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