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Macdonald Holyrood Hotel & Spa, Edinburgh UK – Spa Review

Macdonald Holyrood Hotel is a great spot in Edinburgh if you want to be near to the Royal Mile but not in the midst of the hustle and bustle. Situated on Holyrood Road next to the Palace and the Scottish Parliament building it’s also a good people spotting location. The […]

International Women’s Day

International women’s day is a global celebration of the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. This day is celebrated each year on the 8th of March aiming to accelerate women’s equality. Each year it has a different theme; 2022 is #BreakTheBias which is aimed at calling out gender […]

5 Ways To Prep For Self-Care Sunday

Planning Time In Most of us will neglect well-deserved self-care time, all because we ‘don’t have the time’. If you plan ahead and plan in some time to practice self-care, you will find you most certainly do have time to spare, and it will make you feel 100x better! Do […]

Valentines Bath Box

Valentines’ day is just around the corner, so what better time to treat yourself to some new bath goodies. 2022 is the year where we are all about self-care and self-love. So, to give you that well deserved self-care time, purchase a bath box filled with all your favourite items. […]

Upgrade your Bathroom for Winter

When upgrading your bathroom for winter there are generally 2 looks you can go for: a winter wonderland look that is based on light colours of silver and white, or a cosy cabin feel with more nature and wooden accessories. Winter Wonderland If you are going for a winter wonderland […]

3 New Year’s Resolutions You Can Actually Stick To

You may have already come up with some New Year’s Resolutions that you’ve promised yourself that you will stick to. So many people fail to stick to theirs as they’re too unrealistic or they put far too much pressure on themselves, especially if they’re trying to be like everyone else. […]

Boxing Day Self Care

I bet you all got some amazing self-care gifts yesterday. We hope you are spending the day relaxing and practising some self-care. If you are looking for some inspiration, here are some ways you can practice self-care this boxing day! Candles One of our favourite ways to relax is by […]

Christmas Cocktails

Celebrating Christmas doesn’t always have to involve alcohol. We know a lot of you are into your cocktails, especially during the festive season. Why not have a look at some cocktail themed beauty products to get you into the festive spirit, and even try to create your own! Peach Bellini […]

Christmas Gift Examples

Only a month left until Christmas! Have you still got lots of Christmas shopping to do? Are you struggling for things to get your loved ones? Here are a few examples of gifts for someone you love this Christmas. Bath Bomb Mad We all know someone that is obsessed with […]

We’ve Got Your Christmas Shopping Covered

Many of you might have already started shopping for Christmas. Are you stuck on what to get people? Are the gifts you’re finding too expensive? We’ve got you covered! Over at Create and Share, we have 5 brands, all with many different gifts that will suit anyone, no matter who […]

Adjusting to Autumn

The daylight hours are getting shorter, and the dark nights are getting longer. Autumn is a beautiful season with all the changes to nature and pretty colours. However, some of you may find it difficult to adjust to the change in season. For some, the darker nights and the cold […]

Mental Health Day

Life can sometimes become too overwhelming, in many ways for many different people. As it is Mental Health Day, we thought we would share some ways that you can make yourself feel that little bit better and improve your mental health. Exercise This is the main one I have heard […]

5 Books To Read In The Bath

There is nothing better than relaxing in the bath with a good book in hand, escaping the current world and diving into another. Here are 5 books we recommend for that relaxing bathtime, available over at Brew and Book: A Good Time To Be A Girl – Helena Morrissey ‘How […]

Best Summer Bathroom Accessories

Although summer started a little while ago, we thought we would share with you some summer bathroom accessories to brighten up your bathroom and keep that feeling of summer for that little bit longer. Who doesn’t love Summer? Splash of colour To start off that summer feeling, add a splash […]

Keep The Summer Insects At Bay

We love the summer for the hot sunny days, but with warmer weather comes more bugs, a lot of people’s worst nightmare. We have therefore come up with 5 tips to keep the summer insects at bay, so you can enjoy yourself without those pesky bugs. Repellent The first tip, […]

3 Summer Gift Items

We all want to be feeling fabulous this summer, especially after the year we’ve had. To feel fabulous, we need some items to have a pamper session. So, we have come up with 3 gift ideas for you to send to someone this summer to keep you and your friends […]

Summer Bathroom Makeover

As the weather gets warmer it is time to give the bathroom a well-deserved makeover. Many of you may not have the funds to change your whole bathroom so here are a few different ways you can give your bathroom a makeover without breaking the bank. Deep Clean The first […]

Looking After Your Skin This Summer

As we are now starting to experience hotter weather, we wanted to share some tips with you of how to look after your skin properly this summer. I am sure many of you are wanting to look flawless this summer, and as we come out of lockdown, so here are […]

Rubber Duck Races

Rubber duck racing is known for being in the US. However, many countries including the UK have took it up. How It Works Generally, to enter a duck into a race you pay £1. Each duck will have a number on the bottom to know whose duck belongs to who. […]

5 Plants You Can Add To Your Bathroom

Do you want to add a unique look to your bathroom? Bathroom plants are an excellent way to accessorise your bathroom leaving you with a lively but relaxing room. A lot of bathroom plants also have air purifying qualities, getting rid of those harsh chemicals in cleaning products. There are […]

Bank Holiday Bathing

Day to day life can be so stressful and overwhelming for many of us. We always look forward to bank holidays as it gives us that extra day to unwind and relax. Taking time for yourself is essential, whether it be everyday or just once a week. A self-care routine […]

Benefits of honey

Self-care is more important now than ever. No one wants to spend loads on expensive beauty products so here are the benefits of using honey on your skin. Exfoliation Honey has organic acid as an ingredient which accelerates the shedding of dead skin cells. This is just like a face […]

Giant Rubber Duck around the World

Its no secret that we are obsessed with our rubber ducks. We have so many different ones, it is so hard to pick a favourite. But they don’t compare to the giant duck created by a Dutch craftsman Florentijn Hofman.  From 2007, the giant rubber duck has appeared in many […]

Mini Bathing Boxes

We love nothing more than a relaxing bath. But what is in the best bath? We have created 5 pre-made boxes, perfect for a relaxing bath.  The Green One Our green bath box is the perfect way to achieve a relaxing bath. After a stressful day you can use this […]

4 Spas to Visit in the North East

As covid hit, spas inevitably shut for the foreseeable future, something none of us wanted. Now that spas are looking to book in your future visits, here are 4 spas in the North East we think you should visit. Seaham Hall – Serenity Spa This 5-star country hotel is a […]

The Art of Bathing

One of life’s many questions is what the perfect bath is. We have three key things you should do to make your bath perfect. Getting the bath ready It is so important to start your relaxing bath off right. Ensure that the water is hot but not too hot that […]

5 outdoor activities to do this spring

As the weather improves, we recommend getting some vitamin d and spending some quality time with friends and family outside. Here are some activities that you can do outside this spring.  Walking  Going on a walk is such a great way to spend time with family while also getting in […]

4 Steps to Spring Clean Your Bathroom

There is nothing better than the feeling of a freshly cleaned bathroom, when it looks and smells amazing. We have a few different ways for you to spring clean your bathroom. Declutter Our recommended first step to getting that spring clean feeling is to declutter the bathroom. Take down the […]

Happy Easter From BB HQ

Happy Easter Weekend!  Over at Bath and Bubbles, we love the Easter holiday. We love nothing more than eating chocolate and taking the extra time to relax and unwind in hot bubble bath (with he ducks of course).  Here are a few things to keep in mind over the Easter weekend. It […]

New Bath and Bubbles HQ

At the beginning of the month, we finally moved into a brand-new office space along with our other brands. We could not be more excited to see what the future holds for us at Bath and Bubbles and all our other brands over at Create and Share.  New home for […]

Bathroom Décor for February

We love nothing more than to redecorate our bathroom from time to time to keep it looking fresh. And it gives us something to do in lockdown! We thought we would share with you some ideas you can follow to redecorate your bathroom this February. Redecorating does not need to […]

Looking After Yourself on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and many of you will be planning what to get for your loved ones and how to treat them. But what about looking after yourself? It is so important, more than ever due to the current circumstances, to be taking care of yourself. […]

Valentines Gifts for Someone You Love

Are you struggling on what to buy for someone you love this Valentine’s Day? We have the perfect selection of pre-made boxes, so you don’t have to worry about choosing the products. Simply add a box to your cart, include a message to tell them how much you love them, […]

5 Self Care Tips during Lockdown

Lockdown has been a crazy time for all of and our minds have been racing at a million miles an hour. It’s easy for people to point out that a lot of people were ‘given a break’ but the mental pressure sure doesn’t feel like it sometimes. We have set […]