Rubber Duck Races

Rubber duck racing is known for being in the US. However, many countries including the UK have took it up.

How It Works

Generally, to enter a duck into a race you pay £1. Each duck will have a number on the bottom to know whose duck belongs to who. Someone will place all the ducks in the water together and the first duck to cross the finish line is the winner.

Unlike any people races, there is no skill to winning the race, just luck. However, it does make a good day out for the family and many duck race events will also come with extra additions like fairground rides.

Duck Races To Enter


This duck race helps to raise funds and help those in need local to them. They aim it at local businesses to come and buy a duck and to have fun decorating it, as well as larger companies that can buy many ducks and run internal competitions bringing their team together. The ducks race down the River Colne into the Thames with the finishing line at the Memorial Gardens. These ducks are a lot more expensive than the smaller races, but the prizes are also a lot bigger. Each duck is £50 to enter however the biggest prize is £250 cash, £250 to donate to charity and a night stay for 2 at The Runnymede on Thames.


This duck race takes place every summer on the River Usk in Crickhowell. This year the race will be held on the 28th August. They will be splitting the funds raised between 5 community causes. These are:

  • Crickhowell High School
  • Powys Young Carers
  • Living With Dementia
  • Crickhowell Volunteer Bureau
  • Crickhowell Rugby Club

Each duck is £5 to enter, with the chance to win a very generous first prize of £500.

Hebden Bridge Duck Race

On the 18th of April 2022, the next Hebden Bridge Duck Race will take place. To enter this duck race, you only have to pay £1 per duck. There are so many different ducks to choose from including a farmer duck and a cowboy duck. As well as the main duck race, there are small competitions for the local schools.  They get very creative and design different pieces of artwork.

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