Bath & Bubbles

Mini Bathing Boxes

We love nothing more than a relaxing bath. But what is in the best bath? We have created 5 pre-made boxes, perfect for a relaxing bath. 

The Green One

Our green bath box is the perfect way to achieve a relaxing bath. After a stressful day you can use this box to unwind. This box includes:

  • 4x mini lemon heart bath bombs
  • Watermelon fizzy fairy dust – 50g bag 
  • Anatomicals seaweed face mask 

Your bath will smell fantastic with the lemon bath bombs or the watermelon dust. You will also be left feeling relaxed after the calming effects of the seaweed face mask. 

The Pink One 

This pre-made bath box is the key to the art of bathing. It includes:

  • 4x mini strawberry heart bath bombs
  • Cherry bath salt – 100g bag 
  • Anatomicals ‘scarlet pimplehead’ face mask

Turn your bath into a beautiful shade of pink with our strawberry bath bombs. It will smell amazing! Or if you want to relax those muscles after a long day, add some cherry bath salt to the bath. Our ‘scarlet pimplehaed’ face mask from the Anatomicals range will give your face a deep cleanse, making you feel like a new person. 

The Purple One 

We love a bath that looks and smells beautiful. The purple bath box will do just that. This box includes: 

  • 4x mini passion fruit heart bath bombs 
  • Passion fruit bath salt – 100g bag 
  • Anatomicals ‘the hottie is never spottie’ face mask

By using either the bath salt or the bath bombs, your bath will smell divine. The passion fruit bath bombs will leave your bath a gorgeous shade of purple. Use the anti-blemish face mask to feel brand new; who doesn’t want that after a soak in the bath!

Romantic Bath

There is nothing more perfect than a romantic bath. A lot of people may struggle on how to make a bath romantic. We have created the perfect solution for those of you who struggle with ideas. The Romantic Bath Box is a perfect pre-made box to gift to someone without having to come up with any ideas. It includes:

  • Rose with petals bath salt – 100g bag
  • Anatomicals chocolate face mask
  • Strawberry fizzy fairy dust – 50g bag

So Fresh, So Clean

We love after a long soak in the bath when you feel so fresh and clean. With the So Fresh, So Clean bath box, that feeling is guaranteed. It includes:

  • Linen bath salt – 100g bag
  • Anatomicals ‘Grease isn’t the word’ face mask
  • Anatomicals ‘Alcatraz’ face mask 

The linen bath salt will leave you feeling amazing as it helps relax your muscles, as well as smelling divine.  After a long day at work, you can destress with a choice of two face masks from our Anatomicals range. 

Pair any of these boxes with some candles, a good book and a glass of wine for the ultimate bathing experience. 

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