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Keep The Summer Insects At Bay

We love the summer for the hot sunny days, but with warmer weather comes more bugs, a lot of people’s worst nightmare. We have therefore come up with 5 tips to keep the summer insects at bay, so you can enjoy yourself without those pesky bugs.


The first tip, probably the most obvious, is to apply some type of insect repellent. These come in many different forms such as lotions, sprays and even wipes. Applying this can protect you from all sorts of different bugs, including mosquitos.

Stay Sweat Free

Some bugs, such as mosquitos, will be more attracted to you when you sweat. This is because they are more attracted to body heat and lactic acid, which is in your sweat. On a hot day if you are going to be exercising outside, consider applying some insect repellent with sweat resistant protection.

Keep It Covered

This one may be quite difficult in the hot sun. When its hot, wearing clothing that covers your whole body is generally a no go. However, some bugs can detect even the smallest area of exposed skin, so when you can try and wear clothing that covers your arms and legs. You can also reduce your chances of getting bit by wearing light coloured clothing and spraying your clothes with insect repellent.


This may be the most favourable tip in helping to keep the bugs away. Certain foods can keep mosquitos and other insects from biting you. Foods that are high in 3-octanol (bananas, grapes, and strawberries), thiamine (tomatoes, beans, and lentils), and nootkatone (citrus fruits such as grapefruit) can help repel mosquitos and other insects when consumed.

After Care

It can be hard to follow theses tips all day every day, so you may experience being bitten every once in a while. Therefore, it is important to have some after bite remedy to help relive any itching and help heal your bite quicker.

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