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Happy Easter From BB HQ

Happy Easter Weekend!  Over at Bath and Bubbles, we love the Easter holiday. We love nothing more than eating chocolate and taking the extra time to relax and unwind in hot bubble bath (with he ducks of course).  Here are a few things to keep in mind over the Easter weekend.

It doesn’t matter how much chocolate you ate

A lot of you over Easter weekend will be diving into the chocolate Easter eggs. Do not feel guilty about this; we will be doing this too! Easter eggs are there to enjoy and should not come with a feeling of guilt. Do not stress about how much chocolate you can or can not eat and enjoy it. We have all deserved a little chocolate treat after the year we have had. 

No, you don’t have to make up for food with exercise 

Many of you may be thinking that after a weekend of devouring chocolate Easter eggs you have to run it all off. This is not the case. Enjoy all the chocolate that you want! Punishing yourself with hours of exercise is not the answer. This will only end up making you miserable and regretting enjoying yourself, which is nothing to feel ashamed of.  Do what you enjoy and do not feel guilty for doing anything different.

Have a bath and forget your worries

There is no better way to solve any problems than having a long hot bubble bath. The amazing four-day weekend means there is plenty of time to relax and take some time for yourself. Self-care is key to a healthy mind; we always recommend taking time out your day to practice this.  Run a hot bubble bath, dive into a good book and let all your worries drift away (or rant about your problems to the ducks!)

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