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Christmas Gift Examples

Only a month left until Christmas! Have you still got lots of Christmas shopping to do? Are you struggling for things to get your loved ones? Here are a few examples of gifts for someone you love this Christmas.

Bath Bomb Mad

We all know someone that is obsessed with bath bombs. Theres nothing better than watching them dissolve, with all the pretty colours spreading across the water. I always watch in amazement to see what the end colour is going to be! We have a range of bath bombs that your loved one can enjoy. These include mini heart bath bombs, large unicorn bath bomb, a bath bomb that looks like a cupcake or even a festive pig in blanket bath bomb!

Bath Items

If bath bombs aren’t enough, or you’re looking for something a little bit different then why not gift them some bath salt or bath dust. Our magical bath dust is an excellent alternative to bath bombs, filling your bath with the most amazing colours. And if you want them to have a relaxing experience then bath salts are the perfect gift.

Face Masks Galore

Whatever your want or need, we’ve got a face mask for you. With nearly 30 different face masks, its near impossible to not have something suitable for your Christmas gift box. Whether it’s a deep cleansing mud mask or a skin boosting honey mask, we’ve got what you need!

Beauty Products

We have a wide selection of beauty products that you can add to your box. These range from hand creams and body lotion to lip balms and nail files.

Extra Touch

To add that extra special touch to your gift, you could include a candle. We have 3 gorgeous smelling candles, guaranteed relaxation.

And don’t forget to add a mini bath duck to your gift!

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