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Christmas Cocktails

Celebrating Christmas doesn’t always have to involve alcohol. We know a lot of you are into your cocktails, especially during the festive season. Why not have a look at some cocktail themed beauty products to get you into the festive spirit, and even try to create your own!

Peach Bellini Hand Cream

Everyone’s favourite product this year has to be our Peach Bellini hand cream. This cocktail inspired hand cream will leave your hands feeling so smooth as well as smelling amazing! It’s perfect for winter as it helps soothe and nourish your hands.

Cocktail Hand Gels

If you’re into some summery cocktails, our fruity hand gels are a perfect product. These 3 fruity scents will remind you of so many of your favourite cocktails.

If you’re into pina coladas, why not try our coconut hand gel. Our strawberry hand gel is perfect for those who like a strawberry margarita. And if you like a simple vodka and pink lemonade, then our pink lemonade hand gel is perfect for you.

Make Your Own  

And if these products aren’t enough cocktail inspo for the Christmas season, to get you feeling all festive, why not make your own cocktail, or should I say bath cocktail! Choose from a range of bath bombs and bath dusts to make your very own, unique bath cocktail.

Heart Bath Bombs

Our mini heart bath bombs are a perfect ingredient to include in your bath cocktail. Make a passion fruit martini, a strawberry daiquiri or a lemon drop martini with our 3 gorgeous smelling heart bath bombs.

Bath Dust

For a magical and fruity cocktail this Christmas, our fizzy bath dusts are the perfect ingredient. Choose from either the gorgeous smelling strawberry or the fruity watermelon.

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