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Best Summer Bathroom Accessories

Although summer started a little while ago, we thought we would share with you some summer bathroom accessories to brighten up your bathroom and keep that feeling of summer for that little bit longer. Who doesn’t love Summer?

Splash of colour

To start off that summer feeling, add a splash of colour to the bathroom. By changing your small pots, such as your toothbrush holder and soap dispenser, to a new colour while bring some life into your bathroom. We recommend sticking to a colour theme throughout the whole bathroom. This can either be a minimalist white and wood theme or a teal or yellow summer vibes theme. Whatever you prefer is what you should choose!

Along with the soap dispenser and toothbrush holder you could also change your bathmat and shower curtain. These can be all one colour like your other accessories or can have different patterns on. Some summer themes that you could follow are tropical, beach and the ocean.


As talked about in previous #spasundays blog posts, we love including plants in the bathroom. There are many different types of plants that all have different health benefits and properties that are suitable for different types of bathrooms. Plants bring life and nature to the bathroom, perfect for keeping that summer feel.

You may have some empty wall space in your bathroom. To fill this, you could add some wall art; a painting or even a sign. The theme of your bathroom will decide on your wall art. If you have gone for a minimalistic theme, you could include a painting to add a bit of colour to the bathroom. You could even add some sort of wooden sign or wall art to go with the wooden theme if that’s what you went with.


One other thing you could add/change in your bathroom is a mirror. This can be funky in a different shape, minimalistic and square or with bright lights.

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