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Bathroom Décor for February

We love nothing more than to redecorate our bathroom from time to time to keep it looking fresh. And it gives us something to do in lockdown! We thought we would share with you some ideas you can follow to redecorate your bathroom this February. Redecorating does not need to be expensive to look good. It is the little things that make all the difference. And it doesn’t have to be hard work either.

Our first idea to revamp your bathroom is a new bathmat. For February, since it is Valentine’s month, you could add a normal pink/ red bathmat or if you want to go that step further you could get a heart-shaped one. It adds a splash of colour to the bathroom and gives it that fresh feeing.  

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Who doesn’t love flowers? If you have a small bench in your bathroom you could add a vase of flowers. We suggest either pink or white for February. Some bright coloured flowers can change the whole look of your bathroom. It will also make it feel a bit more like spring, reminding you of the brighter days to come.

two wine glasses on tray

We love a colour theme in the bathroom, it makes a massive difference and makes it feel brighter and so much better to look at. So, to go with the pink/ red valentines’ theme, change your boring white towels to an amazing pale pink. It will make such a difference!

Now for the bath. Have you ever gone to read and dreaded the thought of your pages getting wet? Add a bath plank to your bath to rest your book so you can unwind from that stressful day and relax. Add some candles to make the room feel even more relaxing and romantic. You could even use it to hold your wine glass!

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