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Bank Holiday Bathing

Day to day life can be so stressful and overwhelming for many of us. We always look forward to bank holidays as it gives us that extra day to unwind and relax. Taking time for yourself is essential, whether it be everyday or just once a week. A self-care routine is important, but it must fit into your lifestyle and be what you enjoy.

Long soak in bath

A lot of people’s lifestyles mean that a long soak in the bath is out of the question. Whether it is because of kids or a busy schedule, many of us opt into a quick shower. A bank holiday is the perfect time to schedule that long relaxing soak in the bath. Add some bath bombs, bath dust or some bath salts to the water to get the ultimate relaxing bath. Why not dim the lights and add some candles around the room?

A soak in the bath has many benefits. Having a bath in the evening will make you feel sleepier therefore improving your sleep. It can also help relax you physically and mentally by taking aches and pains away as well as letting your mind drift. Reading a book in the bath will certainly help to take your mind off everyday stresses.

Self-care routine

Now that you have an extra day to do whatever you want, take the time to look after your whole body. Put some relaxing music on, sit down and practice some self-care. Face masks have many benefits from helping you to relax to leaving your face feeling smooth and brand new. We have plenty of different face masks in our anatomicals range. Make yourself feel like a brand-new woman by painting yourself a fresh set of nails. File them down to get them looking neat then pick your favourite colour or multiple if your feeling very colourful.

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