Self Care

5 Ways To Prep For Self-Care Sunday

Planning Time In

Most of us will neglect well-deserved self-care time, all because we ‘don’t have the time’. If you plan ahead and plan in some time to practice self-care, you will find you most certainly do have time to spare, and it will make you feel 100x better!

Do Not Disturb Sign

There’s nothing worse than prepping all this self-care and being interrupted. So, a do not disturb sign is vital for some well-deserved, non-interrupted you time. Put your own needs first and take that time out to focus directly on you.


Disappearing to a different world, escaping from reality, is one of the most calming things to do. Get out your favourite book, an old time favourite or one that you’ve never read before. It could be one that you’ve always wanted to read but never got round to, or one that you never thought you would. Whichever book you decide, take it and enjoy escaping to a new reality.

Pamper Items

My absolute favourite part of self-care Sunday is using all my different pamper items. There’s so many you can choose from, depending on what you are focusing on. You may just want to put a face mask on, in a candle lit room with some music on. Or you might want to go all out and put a hair mask on, while soaking your feet and doing your nails. We have lots of different pamper items for all different types of self-care over in our shop. And did we mention we stock the amazing Anatomicals range.


A very important item on your self-care Sunday checklist is a journal. Journaling your thoughts and feelings is a very good way to de-stress and keep your mind clear. It is also a great way to practice gratitude. This always helps me to stay more positive as you start to notice all the good things happening.

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