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5 Self Care Tips during Lockdown

Lockdown has been a crazy time for all of and our minds have been racing at a million miles an hour. It’s easy for people to point out that a lot of people were ‘given a break’ but the mental pressure sure doesn’t feel like it sometimes.

We have set out 5 tips for self care during lockdown. Let us know which you have tried and if they helped.

  1. Take a long bubble bath

Obviously our go to for everything but a long hot bubble bath is our absolute saviour. Take your time running it, adding the potions that will help you relax and settle in for a long soak and let your mind drift. You could always use your rubber duck as a therapy duck and share your troubles too.

2. Read a Book

Fed up with the current world? Then delve into another – the perfect way to get invested in characters that you can keep with you for the next few days. A nice way to occupy your mind.

3. Make healthy food delicious

This could also be classed as learning a new skill but healthy food doesn’t have to be boring. Investing some time finding healthy recipes to try can make you feel good on the inside as well as giving you an outside glow – especially if you sent the first month of lockdown gorging like us!

4. Pamper Yourself

Get the face masks out, the hair scrubbed clean and the toe nails painted – time to spend some time on you and don’t you gear feel guilty about it!

5. Take Frequent Walks Outside

It is so easy to forget the beauty of the world – spending more time outside helps clear your head and get some low intensity exercise. Perfect if you ask us.

What have you done during lockdown to take care of yourself? Let us know on instagram!

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