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5 Plants You Can Add To Your Bathroom

Do you want to add a unique look to your bathroom? Bathroom plants are an excellent way to accessorise your bathroom leaving you with a lively but relaxing room. A lot of bathroom plants also have air purifying qualities, getting rid of those harsh chemicals in cleaning products.

There are a lot of different plants you can add to your bathroom, all with different properties. When choosing a bathroom plant, you should consider:


Some plants will sit nicely on your windowsill whereas others may need a bit more room. If you have a small bathroom consider buying smaller plants as you don’t want to make the room feel cramped.

Available Lighting

Different plants require different amounts of light levels. Some may thrive off sunshine and are best on a windowsill whereas others may need to be kept in the shade.

Care Required

An important thing to consider is the amount of watering each plant requires. Some need plenty of watering but others can go days or even weeks without any.

Bathroom Plants

The best bathroom plant all comes down to you and what you can offer to the plant.

Snake Plant

A snake plant is perfect if you don’t have the time to water it as these require very little maintenance. They can handle lower light levels but will thrive in sunlight. The best place for this plant is on the windowsill. A benefit of having a snake plant is it can filter out formaldehyde from the air which is found in some bathroom cleaning products.

Dragon Plant

If your bathroom doesn’t offer much light, a dragon plant is perfect. These plants prefer to be kept in the shade as their leaves can’t handle being exposed to excessive sunlight. They also prefer the level of humidity in your bathroom which is not found in any other room in the house.


Ivy, when controlled will look amazing in your bathroom. This plant will look best when hanging from a ledge where their leaves can hang down. As well as their aesthetics they can help remove mould from the air, perfect for a humid bathroom.

Aloe Vera

If your bathroom is quite small an aloe vera plant will be perfect. They don’t grow much in size which makes them perfect to be kept on a countertop or windowsill. A benefit of having this small plant in your bathroom is that the juices from the plant can help soothe burned skin, especially helpful in the summer months.


Bamboo is another gorgeous addition to a small bathroom. They don’t require any soil to grow. Just put them in a pot with some pebbles and they are good to go. They also don’t require much light making it ideal for a smaller bathroom that doesn’t receive much light.

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