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4 Steps to Spring Clean Your Bathroom

There is nothing better than the feeling of a freshly cleaned bathroom, when it looks and smells amazing. We have a few different ways for you to spring clean your bathroom.

Photo by Shawn Ang on Unsplash


Our recommended first step to getting that spring clean feeling is to declutter the bathroom. Take down the shower curtain and throw it in the wash along with any bathmats, towels and clothing that is in the wash basket. Throw away any rubbish that may be lying around on surfaces, windowsills or hiding in the back of cupboards. Remove all products from your cupboards and give it a good sort out. Throw away any products that are outdated as these can potentially be bad on the skin or not work as well. If there are any items that are fine to use but you know that you won’t use them, donate them to a local charity. 

Deep Clean

Now that the bathroom is decluttered, you will have more room to give the whole space a deep clean. You can use a bleach solution to clean the bath, shower, sink and toilet. Make sure to scrub all areas of the toilet and clear out any drains as these can get blocked quite easily. Descale the taps and shower head; an old toothbrush will help to get in the smaller gaps. An old toothbrush can also be used to clean the grouting around the shower or the bath; replace if it is wearing away. Hoover the floor to get rid of any dust or hairs before mopping. Make sure to sanitise any surfaces that get touched often, including door handles, bins and surfaces; these don’t get cleaned as often as the obvious places.

Dust and polish

Now that most of the bathroom is clean and smelling fresh, you can do them final touches by dusting and polishing remaining surfaces. Make sure to do this to metal surfaces to leave them looking spotless, including mirrors and any glass surfaces such as a shower screen.

Get that spring look

Now that your bathroom is looking spotless, you can make them final touches to give it that spring feeling. Replace those dark coloured towels with bright ones to give the bathroom a brighter feeling. If you’re looking for a completely different feel, you can repaint the bathroom with some light pain colours or change up your tiles on both the wall and the floor. Add some fresh flowers and plants to give it a natural clean feeling. Finally, make sure to include some storage organisers such as small storage baskets to organise those cupboards. Not only does it help keep your bathroom looking clean and tidy, but it helps you find what you need on those days you’re in a rush.

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