3 Summer Gift Items

We all want to be feeling fabulous this summer, especially after the year we’ve had. To feel fabulous, we need some items to have a pamper session. So, we have come up with 3 gift ideas for you to send to someone this summer to keep you and your friends feeling fabulous.

Bath Gift Items

To feel fabulous, we need to have some time for self-care. This starts with relaxing in the bath. A bath gift you can send to someone could be some bath salt, bath dust or bath bombs. This will make their bathing experience 10x more relaxing and will leave them feeling refreshed and smelling divine. We have many different scents of salts and bombs ranging from fresh linen to watermelon. You could also add in a candle to make them feel more relaxed and to let their mind drift.

Pamper Gift Items

After a relaxing time in the bath, its time to have a bit of a pamper. One pamper item that you can send is some body lotion. We have pineapple and coconut scented lotions that will leave them feeling so smooth as well as smelling amazing. You could also send them a face mask. We have a wide selection of different scents that all have different properties. These range from anti-blemish masks to tropical hydrating masks. These masks are guaranteed to leave them with that gorgeous summer glow.

That Final Touch

To finish off their pamper session we need to add the final touches. To make them feel the best they have ever felt, why not send them some nail polish and nail files. Whether they prefer a bright blue or a dark purple with sparkles, we have a selection of different colours so you and your friends can feel fabulous this summer.

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